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Cancer of Prostate

It is a disease of elderly males. This disease is characterized by presence of a strong specific tumor marker, called PSA ( Prostatic Surface Antigen), which can be assayed by a blood test. It usually rises much before the actual clinical presentation of its symptoms. This is favorable for early diagnosis of this potentially highly morbid disease in asymptomatic elderly males.

This test is now available as a part of high level health packages, offered by many reputed diagnostic centers. When this disease is diagnosed early, it is potentially curable. The symptoms of this disease are essentially the same as in noncancerous enlargement of prostate gland. In addition, in advanced cases, where the disease has progressed beyond the prostate, symptoms of metastases may be present. They range from backache, joint pains, pathological fractures, lower limb edema, bleeding in urine, weight loss, anorexia etc.

Once suspected, the diagnosis has to be confirmed by systemic biopsies, usually done by transrectal route, using transrectal USG. Once diagnosis is confirmed, additional imaging investigations are required for confirming that the disease is organ confined or not. PET PSMA is a single investigation, which can give most inclusive staging information of this disease.