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Penis Treatment


It is a very special organ, present only in males. It’s main function is to hold urethra, which controls urine. And it also holds two muscular cylinders which control the vital function of achieving erection of penis, necessary for successful sexual act.

Prepuce is a foreskin covering the bulb of penis distally. It is this part of skin, which is removed during religious or medically warranted circumcision.

Prepuce can get affected by infection, narrowing, stones within, and malignancy (cancer).

Penis can get affected by skin lesions of the covering skin, fibrous plaque of the muscular cylinders of erection, narrowing of the contained urethra, and curvatures of penis.



Penis is a solid muscular organ. It subserves two purposes in males. One, it acts as a coduit for passing urine outside. Secondly, it actsa an organ for sexual gratification and performing coitus ( Intercourse).

It has 3 cylinders of specific spongy muscular tissue inside. There is a pair of solid corpora cavernosa, which are flaccid in normal condition, but get physiologically engorged with arterial blood into its sinuses to achieve a hard rigid erection during sexual act. The third cylinder is a hollow one, through which a conduit called urethra passes from the urinary bladder outside till the external urinary meatus. This is called corpora spongiosum.

Penis has a foreskin which covers it’s bulbous distal portion called glans. The foreskin is called prepuce. The prepuce easily slides over the glans during erect penile stage.

Both the tissues subserve different functions, and have different problems and symptoms.

Erectile Tissue Symptoms

  • Difficult to achieve hard enough erection to perform sexual act
  • Difficult to sustain erection long enough, to complete the sexual act
  • Difficult to sustain erection, for long enough period, for gratification of the partner
  • Curvature of penis during erection: This may be since birth or may occur later in life.
  • Pain while achieving erection

Penile Skin Symptoms


Inabiity of painful difficulty to retract foreskin, called phimosis A swelling noted on the foreskin, which may be benign or malignant Allergic reactions on the penile skin in the form of rashes

Urological Services Provided For Penile Diseases


Common penile diseases requiring surgery include Phimosis, requiring circumcision or dorsal slitting Urethral Stricture, requiring either endoscopic or open surgical treatment Penile amputation, for suspicious swellings on the prepuse Meatoplasty for meatal and submeatal stenosis

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