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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile / Dysfunction

Prostate is a sexual accessory gland situated just below the urinary bladder, surrounding the proximal part of urethra in males.

It serves to produce secretions which are meant to help in maturation of sperms, and providing micronutrients to sperms.

Prostate can get affected by infection, benign enlargement or cancerous enlargement. Enlargement of prostate usually happens in age beyond 50 years. Enlargement causes obstruction to urinary flow and causes difficulty in passing urine.

Erectile Dysfunction Problem


In today’s world, erectile dysfunction is fast becoming a common problem. Fast lifestyle, work pressures, incentive based salary structure, never-ending competition at workplace, ever increasing targets are some of the likely causes for this problem being prevalent in increasingly younger population.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms


Erectile dysfunction presents as inability of having satisfactory sexual relationship between partners. It can be due to either male factor or female factor. In partners facing this issue, it is very important that both the partners consult me together. History taking is extremely vital to come to a diagnosis of the cause. And it is imperative that both the partners shade their shyness and word out their precise problem to me.

Occasionally, premature ejaculation is misunderstood as erectile dysfunction. The management of this issue is quite different from that of erectile dysfunction.

Surgical Services Offered For Erectile Dysfunction

  • Counselling is the first and foremost part of treatment. Ideally for both partners..
  • Sexual counselling, again ideally necessary for both the partners.
  • Medical management of male partner
  • Minimally invasive therapy for male partner

In advanced cases, penile implantation, if deemed necessary. Both Indian and AMS penile implants can be implanted to alleviate Erectile Dysfunction..

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